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Hébert's Division was the other division in Price’s Two Division Corps and aligned to left of Maury’s Division and this division attacked the right flank of the Federal line and drove it south. Between the early hours of the fourth, Van Dorn ordered artillery bombardment with fourteen of his guns to soften up the union lines which was met with Union artillery which quickly silenced the Confederate guns. At 7 a.m. Hébert informed Van Dorn he was too ill to lead his division and Brig. Gen Martin Green assumed command of the division, by orders from Van Dorn.

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October 3rd - 4th, 1862

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Brig. Gen. Hébert's Division was the other division in Price’s two division corps and aligned to the left of Maury and continued the assault on the federal right and captured Battery Powell north of Corinth.


This was the location of Battery Powell which was located north of Corinth and now, obviously from the background, now in Corinth.

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