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The confederates had success in storming Battery Powell to the east of Battery Robinett but Union reserves repulsed the attack. Col Phifer commanded a brigade in Gen. Mauryís Division also had early success in entering the town of Corinth but was also repulsed.

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October 3rd - 4th, 1862

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Battery Robinett three mounted 20 Pound Parrott rifles and this redan had fierce hand-to-hand fighting as the confederates formed in the woods for a grand assault.


The 2nd TX Infantry Regiment of Gen. Mauryís Division assaulted Battery Robinett in fierce hand-to-hand combat and its commander, Col. William Rogers died on the walls of the union battery.


The several lines of defense that Gen. Rosecrans employed had weakened Van Dornís Army and his Army of Tennessee suffered twenty percent loss or 4500 casualties to the Unions 2500 casualties and before Brig. Gen. McPherson could arrive from Jackson with reinforcements; the Confederate Army retreated by way of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. Gen. Rosecrans secured a victory for the North and the town of Corinth with its important rail lines remained in Federal hands but Rosecrans failed to pursue the Confederate Army and they escaped.

Perryville, Kentucky

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