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Kentucky, according to Union President Abraham Lincoln, was the key to the West. In 1861, both the Federal and Confederate armies marched into the state. Logan's Crossroads was one of the battles that determined the fate of the neutral state of Kentucky.

The battle at Logan's Crossroads happened in southeastern Kentucky, not far from the towns of Somerset and Nancy. Logan's Crossroads was a battle of many names: another name was Fishing Creek and another Mill Springs.

The Union forces had 40 killed, 207 wounded and 15 captured. The Confederates losses were 125 killed, 309 wounded and 99 captured.

union flag

the War
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Fishing Creek
Logan's Crossroads
19th January 1862

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logans crossroads7

This is the ridge looking north toward the Federal advance that the 16th Ala., the 17th Tn. and 29th Tn. made a final stand until the Confederate army could retreat into its camp.

logans crossroads8

During the night, the Confederate army abandoned its heavy equipment and crossed the Cumberland River at this point.

Roanoke Island, North Carolina :
General Burnside wants control of the coast

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