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General Pope had withdrawn troops from his left to attack Jackson and was unaware that General Longstreet had arrived with the First Corps and as General Jackson had advanced his corps north of the turnpike, General Longstreet advanced his corps south of the road.

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Second Manassas
Second Bull Run
29th of August, 1862

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After General Porter was repulsed, General Jackson advanced his troops across these fields to attack Pope’s army.


General Longstreet concealed his troops in the woods on Jackson's left, hidden from sight from General Pope and General Jackson advanced his Second Corps troops on the Federal right, as the thirty thousand soldiers from the First Corps advanced over these fields to smash into the weakened Federal left.


This monument is dedicated the Fifth N.Y. Regiment, a Zoave regiment that had over three hundred casualties among the five-hundred strong unit, in a vain attempt to halt the advance of the First Corps.

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