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General Pope had withdrawn troops from his left to attack Jackson and was unaware that General Longstreet had arrived with the First Corps and as General Jackson had advanced his corps north of the Turnpike, General Longstreet advanced his corps south of the road and pushed the Federal left back to Chinn Ridge and the Henry House Hill and then back over Bull Run. The Federals had suffered thirteen thousand eight hundred casulaties: thier Confederate counterparts eight thousand three hundred.

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the War
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Second Manassas
Second Bull Run
29th of August, 1862

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General Robert E. Lee’s First Corps advanced over the federal left, which had made several determined but futile stands but eventually had to retreat over Bull Run and back to the safety of Washington. This photograph is of Chinn Ridge and is west of the Sudley Road and beyond the road is the Henry House Hill, site of the First Manassas battleground.


The Fifth Maine Light Artillery was positioned at this location on Chinn Ridge, Longstreet's Corps advanced to this position.


This was a familiar site to union commanders, as the army commander General Irwin McDowell and General John Pope retreated with their armies over this bridge after the two battles of Manassas.

Richmond, Kentucky:
Southern Invasion and
Victory in Kentucky

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