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The troops of General Prentiss' Division fell back north to a natural defensive position along a sunken road. The sunken road was a wagon trail that provided a natural defensive position for the retreating Federals of General Prentiss' Division, who were reinforced by troops from W.H.L. Wallace's Second Division and Hurlbut's Fourth Division. This defensive line stretched from the lane behind the Peach Orchard by the William Mause George home, along the sunken road by the Hornet's Nest and the edge of the Duncan Field.

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Pittsburg Landing
6th-7th April 1862

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The First Brigade (William's), Fourth Division (Hurlbut) utilized the lane by the William Mause George home for their portion of the defensive line. On the left of this photograph is the edge of the Peach Orchard, which during our visit in 1996 had young trees planted to recreate the historical look of the orchard.


The Sunken Road provided Prentiss' Division a defensive position.


This was the Hornet's Nest at Shiloh, the center of the Federal line and for over five hours bloody, vicious combat occurred here as Confederates repeatedly assaulted the Union line.

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