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During the night of the Fourteenth, General Jackson ordered division commander A. P. Hill to move his forces toward the Shenandoah River. The union forces were surrounded on all sides and "Stonewall" Jackson captured 12,500 troops, the largest single capture of federal forces during the war; Jackson also seized 13,000 arms and 47 pieces of artillery.

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Harper's Ferry

September 14th-15th, 1862

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The remains of St. John's Church with Maryland's Heights in the background.


During the evening of September 14th, General Ewell moved ten guns from School House Ridge across Key Ford to the base of Loudon Heights to enfilade the federal troops on Bolivar Heights. The following day, fifty-six artillery pieces from all four points shelled the Union garrison, forcing their surrender.


This was the federal position located on Bolivar Heights, with Major General Thomas Jackson with two divisions behind on Schoolhouse Ridge, General A. P. Hill's Division directly to their right, confederates securing both heights north and south of the small town of Harper’s Ferry and fifty-four artillery pieces strategically positioned by General Jackson among the confederate positions. Union Colonel Dixon S. Miles, the division commander of the garrison, was forced to surrender to avoid the destruction of the garrison.

Sharpsburg, Maryland:
America's Bloodiest Day

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