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Even though I am the descendant of immigrants that arrived on these United States shores well after the conclusion of the War Between the States, I became fascinated with the war. My wonderful spouse, Aimee, is partially, if not wholly, to blame for this avocation of mine. She introduced me to the Ken Burn's series on the Civil War on television and from there on I was intrigued.

First my wife and then later my children have spent countless hours and perhaps, by their accounting, far too much time and vacations on dusty Civil War battlefields. We have visited well over seventy major battlefields from as far north as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as far south as Ocean Pond, Florida, and as far west as Sabine Pass, Texas. I have started the task of placing some of these photographs online.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the north and the south could agree on little, even to the naming of battles and armies. The south, being more agrarian, named its battles for towns or man-made structures. The north, being more urban, named the battles for the rivers or mountains. The first major battle was called First Manassas (town) in the southern confederacy and First Bull Run (creek) in the northern union. America's bloodiest day was referred as Sharpsburg (for the town) in the south and Antietam (for the creek) in the north. In the south two major armies were the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee(as in the State) and in the north there were the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the Tennessee (River).


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Links to my Civil War Pages :

Fort Sumter, South Carolina :

Where the war began

Big Bethel , Virginia :

The first casualties of the war

First Manassas, Virginia :

The first major battle

Camps Robinson and Nelson, Kentucky :

Federal training camps

Ball's Bluff, Virginia :

Battlefield along the Potomac River

Wildcat Mountain, Kentucky :

First Federal victory in Kentucky

Logan's Crossroads, Kentucky :

General Thomas battles General Zollicoffer

Roanoke Island, North Carolina :

General Burnside wants control of the coast

the Virginia and the Monitor :

the first battle of the Ironclads

Shiloh, Tennessee :

the opening battle of the Corinth campaign

Fort Pulaski, Georgia :

the Federals use rifled artillery to reduce this Southern Fort

Fort Macon, North Carolina :

Rifled artillery used a second time to reduce a Southern Fort

Front Royal, Virginia :

The “brother’s war” bore fruit as Marylanders fought Marylanders

Port Republic, Virginia :

General Thomas Jackson concludes the 1862 Valley Campaign

Cedar Mountain, Virginia :

General "Stonewall" Jackson begins the Second Manassas Campaign

Second Manassas, Virginia :

A Second Chance for the Northern Union at Bull Run

Richmond, Kentucky :

Southern Invasion and Victory in Kentucky

Chantilly, Virginia :

"Stonewall" Jackson attempts to halt Pope's retreat

South Mountain, Maryland :

The Sharpsburg Campaign begins at South Mountain

Harper's Ferry, Virginia:

Largest Union Surrender of the War

Sharpsburg, Maryland:

America's Bloodiest Day

Iuka, Mississippi

Federal Depot Captured and Bloody Battle

Corinth, Mississippi

War Comes to Corinth for the Second Time

Perryville, Kentucky

The Battle for Kentucky Leaves the Bluegrass State in Northern Hands

Fredericksburg, Virginia

R.E. Lee defeats Burnside in central Virginia

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