Thirty three-thousand slightly trained troops under the Federal Gen. Irwin McDowell engaged and were defeated by twenty-two thousand Confederate troops under General Beauregard and ten thousand Confederate troops from the Shenandoah Valley led by Gen. Joseph Johnson.

This battle was named First Manassas by the Confederates and First Bull Run by the Federals and happened twenty-five miles south of Washington, D.C.

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First Manassas
First Bull Run
21st July 1861

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The Stone Bridge over Bull Run was the left flank of the Confederate line. Col. "Shank" Evans and his two regiments were positioned above this bridge overlooking this crossing. A signal officer noticed the Federal column moving and sent word to Col. Evans "Look to your left, you are being turned!"


Col. Evans left two hundred troops to defend the Stone Bridge and moved with nine hundred troops to Matthews Hill to block the flanking column of Federal troops. The small force held for thirty minutes as soldiers from Burnside's and Porter's brigades entered the battle. Four regiments under General Bee and General Bartow reinforced Col. Evans and moved to Evan's right. The line of cannon indicates the position of the Federal line.


The Federal troops outnumbered the Confederate soldiers by ten thousand men and both Confederate flanks were being overlapped. The Confederates retreated to Henry Hill. This photograph was Evans right line on Matthews Hill. At the marker, Stovall of Georgia was killed while moving his wounded brother to safety.

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