After the Union defeat at Second Manassas, Major General Jackson made a wide flank march in an attempt to prevent the return of Pope’s Army to the safety of Washington. Jackson sent his divisions against two Union divisions under Major General Phillip Kearney and Major General Isaac Stevens. In severe thunderstorms, the Confederate attack was stopped. This battle concluded the Second Manassas Campaign, with thirteen hundred Union casualties and eight hundred Confederate casualties.

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Ox Hill
1st of September, 1862

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This roadside marker describes the battle of Chantilly.


In the nineteen eighties, bulldozers leveled the battlefield of Chantilly and townhouses were built on the site where both Southern and Northern patriots gave their lives and the two division commanders Federal Major Generals Phillip Kearney and Isaac Stevens, made the supreme sacrifice for their country on this ground. This little area is all that remains of the Chantilly battleground and these markers are dedicated to the memory of Union Generals Kearney and Stevens, who died during the battle of Chantilly.

South Mountain, Maryland:
The Sharpsburg Campaign
begins at South Mountain

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