The opening of the Second Manassas Campaign began in the shadow of Cedar Mountain in Northern Virginia as Brigadier General Nathaniel Bank’s Corps of General Pope’s Army of Virginia fought with Lieutenant General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia. The battle cost the Federal forces 314 killed, 1,445 wounded and 662 missing, totaling 2381 of the 8,000 troops engaged. The Confederate forces suffered casualties of 241 killed, 1,120 wounded and 4 missing for 1,365 of the 16,800 Confederate troops employed by General Jackson.

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Cedar Run
Cedar Mountain
Slaughter Mountain
9th August 1862

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Cedar Mountain is on the left of the descriptive marker, which describes Stonewall Jackson's last independent battle.


General Stonewall Jackson used the Major House as his headquarters during the battle of Cedar Mountain


The present-day Winder Lane was at the time of the War Between the States the lane to the Crittenden Home site and General Winder’s Division and the “Stonewall Brigade” was positioned along this stretch of the lane. In the distance is Cedar Mountain, which provided a strong anchor for Jackson's right flank, Major General Ewell’s Division. General Ewell placed artillery on the small knoll in front of Cedar Mountain.

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