In October of 1861, 7,500 Confederates led by Brigadier Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer attacked 5,000 entrenched Federal troops under Gen. Albin Schoepf. The Confederates advanced along the Wilderness Trail (of Daniel Boone fame). The Federal Camp Wildcat was established to prevent the Confederates from moving into the bluegrass region of Kentucky. The Union's natural defensive advantage in the Rockcastle Hills stopped the Southern troops, who then retreated into Tennessee.

This was an important battle as it was part of the Logan's Crossroads campaign and the first Federal victory in Kentucky.

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Wildcat Mountain
21st October 1861

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Federal troops advanced northwest along a path to the hill in the distance and dug trenches along the entire perimeter of the crown of "Hoosier Knob", which are preserved. This photograph was shot from a small clearing in the summer of 2001 and some improvement to the clearing was in progress. There was a small path that leads from the edge of this clearing to "Hoosier Knob", which we traveled on to get to the area of the battle. It is entirely possible that this path was the same one used by Federal troops.


Four companies of the 33rd Ind. Infantry occupied the trenches in this section of "Hoosier Knob" and on their right was the First Kentucky (US) Dismounted Calvary.


This was photographed from the vicinity that the 17th Tn. advanced up "Hoosier Knob" to attack the Federal soldiers from Indiana. The 17th Tn. under Col. Tazwell Newman assaulted and carried the trenches at "Hoosier Knob", but running low on ammunition and without support, he was compelled to withdraw.

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