The Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston and the Army of Mississippi (forty-four thousand troops) began moving out of Corinth, Mississippi (the Confederate base) on the Third of April. The Confederate General, whom President Jefferson Davis considered his finest General, intended to attack General Grant's Army of the Tennessee (42,000 troops in camps by Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River) before General Buell could reinforce him with the Army of the Ohio (18,000 troops). Attacking on dawn on April Sixth, the Confederates over ran four of the five divisions on the field and drove these divisions back to the area adjacent to the Tennessee River.

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Pittsburg Landing
6th-7th April 1862

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The Third Mississippi Battalion of Wood's Brigade, Hardee's Corps advanced over Fraley's Field to attack skirmishers of the First Brigade, Sixth Division (Col. Peabody's Brigade of Prentiss' two brigade division). This field is located adjacent to the Corinth Road, which Hardee's and Polk's Corps utilized to attack the Union Camps. Col. Peabody's skirmishers were driven back.


Col. Peabody's brigade was camped in this area, which held a position far advanced of Grant's five divisions. On the immediate left of the First Brigade, Sixth Division was the Second Brigade, commanded by Miller. The upturned cannon marks the spot where Col. Peabody was killed during the battle. Both brigades of Prentiss' Division were driven north to the Hornet's Nest.


The retreating Federal forces held a defensive line on this ridge, which was their first defensive position.

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