In 1862, the Confederates advanced from Tennessee into Kentucky in a “heartland offensive” and an attempt to wrest Kentucky from the domination of the north. Brigadier General Patrick Cleburne with Colonel John Scott’s cavalry was part of Major General Kirby Smith's Army of Kentucky and advanced along the Kingston Richmond Pike and was the first to engage the Union Army of Kentucky.

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29th of August, 1862
30th of August, 1862

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General Patrick Cleburne’s Division advanced north on the Richmond-Kingston Pike and was initially aligned along the Crookville Pike, which was (is) at a right angle from the Richmond-Kingston Pike. This view is looking east and parallel to the road and across the division’s alignment.


Major General Kirby Smith, commander of the Confederate Army of Kentucky, ordered Cleburne to attack and General Patrick Cleburne pushed north and engaged the Federal forces of the First Brigade of the Union Army of Kentucky, led by Brigadier General Mahlon Manson, south of Richmond,Kentucky.


Martin’s Battery was a rebel battery and an engaged in the artillery duel between the two Armies of Kentucky at the first stage of the battle of Richmond and his battery was ordered forward to the first red house; he moved forward to the second red house. He was compelled to withdraw his battery from the advanced position.

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