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Col John Starkweather’s 28th Brigade, the Federals left flank of the First Army Corps commanded by Major General McCook, fell back and was pushed north by the attack of Major General Benjamin Cheatham's Division.

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Chaplin Hills
8th October, 1862

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Maney’s Brigade charged up Parson’s Hill, seized Parson’s battery and forced the Federal brigade from their position.


The Tenth Division were pushed off Parson's Hill by the onslaught of Cheatham’s Division and into cornfield below, where they retreated through the 21st Wisc., green troops some of whom had never fired their weapon before, from the 28th Brigade, commanded by Col. John Starkweather.


Col. Starkweather formed the 28th Brigade of the Third Division of the Army of the Ohio on this ridge, which is located north of the cornfield and Benton Road. Twelve guns of Starkweather's Brigade were located on this ridge and as the troops from Maney’s Brigade streamed through the cornfield, friendly fire from Starkweather’s guns killed Union troops. General Maney launched a frontal attack and the brigades of Brig. Generals Stewart and Donelson assaulted the Federals from the right. Major General Cleburne was wounded during the battle but stayed on the field to direct his division and Starkweather's troops retreated to the next ridge.

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