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Among the heaviest fighting during the battle of Perryville was in the vicinity of the Bottom House, which was owned by Squire H.P. Bottom.

union flag

the War
the States

Chaplin Hills
8th October, 1862

>stars and bars


Col. Preston Smith crossed Doctors Creek with the 4th Brigade of Cheathamís Second Division (commanded by Brig. General J. Patton Anderson) attacked Federal artillery and several infantry regiments and were repulsed by heavy losses. Brig. General John Brownís 1st Brigade of the same division attacked and pushed the union center back after the southern end of the Federal line had disintegrated.


Two Federal regiments at the Bottom House repulsed Brig. General Bushrod Johnsonís Brigade, the 3rd Brigade of Major General Simon Bucknerís 3rd Division of Cheathamís Division. Johnsonís men ran out of ammunition and were forced to retreat. General Patrick Cleburne, commanding the 2nd Brigade then attacked and with persistent attack and the barn catching on fire, the Federals were forced to retreat to the next ridge.

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