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Union casualties totaled 4,276 (894 killed, 2911 wounded and 471 captured or missing) while the Southern losses totaled 3,401 (532 killed, 2641 wounded and 228 captured or missing). General Braxton Bragg had fought aggressively and the en echelon attack pushed the Union troops back one mile. After the battle, Bragg retreated to Knoxville, Tennessee by way of the Cumberland Gap and Kentucky remained under Federal control for the duration of the war.

union flag

the War
the States

Chaplin Hills
8th October, 1862

>stars and bars


General Patrick Cleburne sent his flag bearers as decoys and after the Federals had discharged their rifles, the Confederate line rose up and shredded the Federal line with a volley and they retreated to the next ridge.


Brig. General St. John Liddell Brigade, the 1st Brigade of Major General Simon Buckner’s Third Division was positioned in the foreground and the Federal line in the distance. The Confederate were stalemated in this area.


The Confederates came close to securing the crossroads, which could have turned the tide of battle.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

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