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Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, Cmdr. of the IX Corps became obsessed with crossing of the lower bridge over Antietam Creek and after the battle, a rebel commented that “Burnside’s Men could have easily leapt across”. The entire union corps was delayed several hours as well placed troops of 20th Ga. of Toomb’s Brigade and the 50th Ga. of Drayton’s Brigade of D.R. Jones’s Division of Longstreets Corps defended the crossing of the bridge.  The Lower Bridge over Antietam Creek has come to be known as "Burnside's Bridge".

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September 17th, 1862

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Skillfully positioned troops from two regiments of Jones Division delayed Burnside’s advance for several hours.


Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill, Cmdr. of the Light Division, made a forced march with his division from parole duty of the union garrison at Harper’s Ferry and marched across these fields to attack the left flank of General Burnside’s Corps and halt the attack on Longstreet’s Corps.

Battle in NE Mississippi

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