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The Fifth Division of General Grant's Army of the Tennessee was located in the area of the Shiloh Church and the front right of the five divisions on the fields at Pittsburgh Landing as the battle of Shiloh commenced. General Sherman, commander of the Fifth Division,wrote to Grant on the day before the battle that no attack was expected. General Grant himself wrote to General Buell and expressed his belief that the Confederate army would have to be engaged at Corinth, Mississippi, a scant distance of twenty-five miles away.

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Pittsburg Landing
6th-7th April 1862

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Portions of the Fifth Division were camped in this area. Six brigades under the Confederate Generals Polk and Hardee attacked Sherman's Fifth Division. Due to the unrelenting pressure of the assault and the Sixth Division's retreat on their left, the Fifth Division was forced to retreat to the north.


This marker details that this was the location of the 77th Ohio Regiment of the Third Brigade (Hildebrand), Fifth Division. The Confederates attacked from the tree line and overwhelmed the unsuspecting Federal troops, who were eating their breakfast.

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