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The Union forces held a numerical superiority on the Seventh of April, due to the reinforcements of Buell's Army of the Ohio and Lew Wallace's Division, over the Confederate Army, which was driven from the field on the second day of battle and retreated to Corinth, Mississippi.

union flag

the War
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Pittsburg Landing
6th-7th April 1862

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Grant's Second Division attacked over Water Oats Pond on April 7 and the Confederates countercharged.


The signpost by the Corinth Road describes the closing action in the battle and the wounding of the Union Major General Sherman.


The Corinth Road stretches from the town of Corinth with its strategic importance of intersecting railways (both an east-west railroad and north-south railroad travel through the town) to Pittburg Landing. General Beauregard and the Army of Mississippi used this road to travel back to the relative safety of Corinth.

Fort Pulaski, Georgia :
Union troops use rifled artillery
to reduce this Southern Fort

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