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The Confederates held the Turner’s Gap and Fox's Gap as nightfall on the day of battle brought an end to the hostilities. The loss of Crampton’s Gap to the south and the fragile hold on the northern gaps led to an evacuation of the gaps and a retreat to the valley west of South Mountain.

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South Mountain
14th September, 1862

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Twelve thousand Federals of the Union VI Corps pressed five hundred Confederates defending the stone wall on the eastern end of the gap and as they broke and ran Cobb’s Legion of thirteen hundred arrived and attempted to stem the federal onslaught. In fifteen minutes, Cobb’s legion was decimated and when roll was called the following day only three hundred answered.


The Confederates at the southernmost gap, Crampton’s Gap,retreated into Pleasant Valley and to the north, the Confederates held Turner’s Gap and Fox’s Gap, but as the hold was tenuous at best, Lee retreated into the valley west of South Mountain to regroup. General McClellan failed to press the advantage and an opportunity to destroy Major General Longstreet's First Corps of Lee's A.N.V. was lost.

Harper's Ferry, Virginia:
Largest Union Surrender

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