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Beaumaris Castle has twelve towers and two gatehouses in its outer wall, both of which are offset from the two gatehouses in the inner wall, which has six towers.


Land of Castles
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Not that I am any manner of a castle expert but within my limited experience in visiting castles in Wales, Beaumaris Castle is a extensive and enjoyable castle to visit. The walk walks were open and many of the rooms and corridors in both the inner and outer walls were open.


This is an area of the outer ward with the much taller inner walls on the left and the shorter outer walls on the right.


This photograph was taken from a room in one of the inner towers looking through an arrow loop to the outer ward below and the width of the outer walls is evident with the doorways to various rooms within the thickness of those walls.


This is the north gate complex and somewhat more developed than the south or seagate complex located on the previous web page.


This is the rear curtain wall and the entry way of the Llanfaes Gate, which allowed access across the moat to the northern portion of the outer ward and as the Seagate on the outer ward was staggered away from the South Gatehouse , so was the Llanfaes Gate staggered away from the North gatehouse.

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