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The Confederate center attempted throughout the day to charge and take the position held by Grant's Second Division (W.H.L. Wallace) and the Sixth's Division (Prentiss), the Federal defensive line at Duncan Field and the Hornet's Nest without any success.

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Pittsburg Landing
6th-7th April 1862

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This was the northeastern edge of Duncan Field south of the Corinth Road (which travels east west at this point and divides Duncan Field). The First (Tuttle) and Third (Sweeney) brigades of Grant's Second Division (W.H.L. Wallace) were located behind this fence and in the woods . Beyond the far tree line was the Hornet's Nest and the Sixth Division. Repeated Confederate assaults came from the south (the right of the photograph) as they attempted to drive the Federals north and away from Pittsburg Landing.


This was the southeast corner of Duncan Field and the Confederates advanced from the left to the Federal line formed in the road to the right and in the trees behind.


After repeated Confederate assaults against the Hornet's Nest and the Federal line at Duncan Field without much success and with great loss of Confederate life, General Ruggles of Bragg's First Division called for all artillery to be placed almost hub to hub in a line to pummel the Federal position. Sixty-two cannons fired three shots per minute and broke the Federal line.

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