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The Market Square is a central square in Helsinki and a favorite tourist attraction with large ships from Sweden docking in the Baltic Sea, which borders the square to the south. The Helsinki City Transport is more economical than private ferries and we had purchased Helsinki Cards during our stay, which worked well for all the buses, trams and subway as well as the ferry to Suomenlinna.

Czar Alexander II is considered as the "Good Czar" in Finland as he pursued a liberal course, encouraged the Finnish language as a national language equal to the Swedish language rather than just a language of the common people and opened opportunities for a larger portion of the population and Russian was viewed as a liberator of Finland from the Swedish Kingdom and the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland existed from 1809-1917.

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The influx of visitors from the large ferryboats swell the population of Market Square and on the square itself is the two-headed Russian eagle as well as the statue of Czar Alexander II, both which are depicted above.


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