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The open-air museum on the island of Seurasaari is located a pleasant bus ride from the main terminal and was very enjoyable. We have always enjoyed visiting open-airs and along with the National Museum, we gained a good understanding about the history and culture of the Finnish people.

The Lapland cabin that was constructed from logs transported from the south, as conifer trees do not grow in the Utsjoki region of Finland, which is a municipality in Finland far to the north.


Below left is a photograph of a small storehouse from Lapland, mounted on the top of a sawed-off tree to prevent bears and wolverines from reaching the reindeer meat stored far above thier reach and on the below right is nineteenth 19th Century Magpie Mill built on a tenant farm in South Finland.

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The church boat below had fourteen sets of oars, was over seventy feet long and could carry over one hundred people to church.


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