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The Senate Square in Helsinki displays the neo-classical work of architect Carl Ludwig Engel and combines the governmental offices of the Prime Minister of Finland and the cabinet, the Helsinki Cathedral, the main University building and in the center of the square is a statue of the Russian Czar Alexander II.

This photograph above taken from the steps of Helsinki Cathedral looking south in the direction of the old harbor, which is just a few short blocks away.


Helsinki Cathedral is the Lutheran Cathedral of the Diocese of Helsinki and was built in 1830-52 and was constructed in a Greek-cross plan, which is a central mass with four arms of equal length, each arm marked by a colonnade.


The insides of the Lutheran Cathedral are very simple (especially when contrasted with the Uspenski Cathedral) with only a few statues and a beautiful pipe organ. Mikael Agricola (1510-57) was a Finnish clergyman who became the founder of written Finnish and a leader in the Protestant reformation in Sweden and Finland.

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