We visited the United Kingdom before but our children and I have very little time in England and none in London other than flying in or out of the London airports so this year we wanted to see London together and visit a bit more of England than we saw previously (which amounted to Stonehenge and a short visit to the Cotswold area west of London).


Our Vacation in
London & England


In July of 2008, we flew into London and found a nice hotel just south of the Thames River and just minutes from the Underground Stop or a ten-minute walk to Westminster Bridge and Parliament.


The above photograph was taken from the south bank of the River Thames looking across Westminister Bridge looking toward Parliament & Big Ben.


The above photograph was taken on our very first day in London as we rode about a double-decker bus to get the “feel” of London with Westminster Abbey in the foreground, Big Ben to its left in the background and across the Thames River is the slow-moving ferris wheel, the London Eye.

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