Shrewsbury, England


The medieval market town of Shrewsbury along the Severn River in Shropshire County has a population of sixty-seven thousand and boasts of over six hundred historic listed buildings and dates back to the ancient Britons, who knew this town as Pengwern.


The streets of Shrewsbury, which lies in a bend of the River Severn, are much as the same since medieval times and we enjoyed our stay and strolling along the narrow streets.

In the photograph on the right is The Old Market Hall, which is an Elizabethan building dating back to 1596, replaced an earlier market hall on the same site built in the 1260s and originally had two floors: the top floor for the selling of Welsh wool and the lower floor for farmers selling corn.

shrewsbury7a shrewsbury2

Shrewsbury has a beautiful park with formal gardens and is located along the River Severn and Aimee and I enjoyed our stroll along the river en route to the park.

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