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Sable Prince, who is the dog on the right, is the oldest of our three of five canine members of the Mazuca family and we adopted him as a puppy in November of two thousand and two; Valentino, or Tino for short, is on the left and came to our home on Valentine's Day in two thousand and four; and Ginger rounded out the group in the spring of two thousand and five.


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We have enjoyed some travel, individually and collectively, and have been fortunate to travel to Wales and the Portmeirion Resort several times. Frank visited the beautiful country of Wales and visited Portmeirion as a day visitor back in Nineteen Eighty-Seven. Frank returned on his honeymoon to Portmeirion with his new bride, Aimee, and toured Wales, England, and Scotland the following year. Ten years later, we took a family vacation with our children and stayed in a cottage at Portmeirion for a week and visited Wales and a little bit of England: we enjoyed the Cotswold area and Stonehenge. In Two Thousand and Eight, we returned to the UK for an extended visit with a stay in London, toured England, and Wales and stayed again in Portmeirion for one week in a cottage. We have also visited Germany, Stockholm in Sweden, Norway, Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Helsinki and Porvoo in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia , Mexico and Israel.

We have visited nearly countless little villages and towns in the United States as we toured American Civil War battlefield sites from Pennsylvania to Florida to Texas and points between as Frank's interest in the War Between the States has led us to many interesting portions of America we might not visit.

Frank always wanted to purchase an older house to do a home remodel and home renovation and in Two Thousand and Three we purchased a house constructed in Nineteen Sixty-Nine and in need of, in retrospect, too much work. This endeavor had kept us busy for eight years as we repaired, modified, and renovated our sixteen-room house one nail, one board, and one room at a time.

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