Cosentia was the ancient capital of the Italic tribe of Bruti, who showed the Romans how to defeat the Greeks in battle of Pandosia and that battle marks the first time in over one hundred years that the Greek battle formation suffered defeat.


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Cosenza in a city located at the confluence of two rivers, the Crati and the Busento in the province of the same name in the region of Calabria, which is the southernmost region on the mainland of Italy.


Below left is the Church of San Domenico in Cosenza, founded in 1488 and still looking over the Busento River; and below right is Castello Normanno-Svevo, which is a Norman castle built on the remains of a Saracen (Saracen being a term for Muslims used by Europeans in the late medieval era)fortifications built circa 1000 AD, which in turn was built on the remains of Rocca Brutia(ancient fortification).

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