our house

We finished the master bedroom and master bathroom renovation the small walk-in closet we created at one end of the bathroom. With the removal of the reach-in closet located along the short wall and the wood cabinets and closet along the back wall and the creation of the walk-in it was necessary to move the entry to the left along the wall. In doing so, the bathroom would be visible from the outside pool area so we elected to install pocket-door to maintain privacy while the vertical blinds we installed may be open.


We installed six-inch wide plank ceiling tiles for the short master bedroom hallway and have utilized or will utilize the same for the hallways.


Between the two wall sconces and just above the mattress between the middle two spindles is one of two three way switches, the other being one of two switches by the entry door.


We installed a fan which we had in the living rooms of our first two homes and installed tin type ceiling tiles, which we installed in the middle bedroom and will be installed in the third bedroom along the long hall and also in the playroom off the short hall to the apartment.


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