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We used the same Venetian Bronze doorknobs and hinges manufactured by Baldwin Brass that we utilized for the rest of the main floor and purchased oil rubbed fixtures for the bathroom; the bathroom accessories and faucet were found online and are manufactured by a companies named Gatco and Elizabethan Classics, respectively.


We decorated the walls of the powder room with photographs taken on our 2008 vacation to England, Wales & 2009 visit to Italy and placed them in large collage frames & smaller five inch by seven inch frames. The porcelain pedestal sink is from the Memoirs line from Kohler and the oil rubbed faucet and handles matches well the doorknobs and door hinges.


The beveled mirror over the sink is mounted a few inches from the wall and secured by oil rubbed bronze finish brackets and is manufactured by the Gatco Company, as is the toilet paper holder and the towel ring.


A protruding coupling in a vent pipe, wider than the three and half inch space between the dry board, necessitated some creative carpentry and we installed a three-inch wide wall, crowned with a ledge, and then used that ledge to display some of the souvenirs or our recent holidays overseas.


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