Portmeirion, Wales

Photographs from Our Visit to Portmeirion


Bridge House has four hotel suites let by day and like Gate House, has a tunnel underneath it for pedestrian traffic and my bride and I occupied Bridge House Suite Four for a few days in August of nineteen eighty-eight.


Bridge House (Ty Pont)

The photograph below was taken from in front of the Belvedere Cottage and is the entry side view for day visitors of Bridge House and a portion of the overlook.


I learned from our visits that I needed to keep my eyes open and my head on a swivel as we strolled aroung the village: the decorative window is on the entry side of the Bridge House.


The archway by the Round House (Y Ty Crwn) or the Prisoner Shop was my location as I photographed the village side view of Bridge House through Battery Square, and you may notice the tunnel underneath Bridge House.


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