Portmeirion, Wales

Photographs from Our Visit to Portmeirion


Battery Square is located on the edge of the Village Green with the famous "residence of Number Six", which is "the Prisoner Shop" and sells memorabilia.


Battery Square

The cupola at the top of Town Hall is viewed through the arch by the Prisoner Shop (Siop Y Prisoner), which is the middle of three arches, the arch on the left is a ice-cream stand and the arch with the doors on the right the entrance to the Prisoner Shop.


The Red House is a shop that sells souvenirs of Portmeirion and the steps lead from the corner of the Village Green to the pathway between the Dome and the Town Hall.


These are the steps to the Toll House and Battery self-serviced cottages, which occupy the top two floors on these respective buildings.


Unusual is a good way to describe Portmeirion and this snail has been edging along this wall for at least twenty years that I personally know of.


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