Portmeirion, Wales

Photographs from Our Visit to Portmeirion


The white section in front of the Dome was in place prior to the construction of the Dome and was the top section of a fireplace designed for a music room in a mansion in England.


Pantheon (Y Gromen)

The Dome houses an art gallery in the front octagonal section beneath the dome and a hotel suite in the back rectangular structure.


This gilded Buddha is located in this little covered area in front of and below the Dome and was from an Ingrid Bergman movie "The Inn of Sixth Happiness", a 1958 movie, which was filmed in Britain, including the Snowdonia region in Wales.


This eagle with the initials of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, creator of Portmeirion, is one of several that is found on the white forward section of the dome.


This was photographed by me standing underneath the white front of the Dome looking though an arch with Bridge House on the left and Toll House to the right with the estuary and the mountains beyond.


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